Introducing our online client portal. Proactive FS

Introducing our Online Client Portal

We’re all inundated with emails, a great majority of it being spam. As riveting as it may be to read how an overseas group can get you to page 1 on Google or the one where they ask which address to send the fruit hamper or my personal favourite which are the ones I’ve unsubscribed to multiple times and still they send me emails I won’t read.

Inboxes are generally cluttered and messy, but most importantly they are not secure. Just like an ATM can be skimmed, so too can emails be hacked. As an accountant I deal with clients’ sensitive information and given how easily identity theft can be executed combined with the lack of security inherent with emails, this has become a major concern.

Which us why we’re introducing our Client Portal.

It’s an end-to-end communication system that is not only easy to use, but secure. You can upload information directly to the Portal, access historical information at any time on any web-enabled device and keep up to date with relevant deadlines.

We value the trust our clients have placed in us and we do believe that in the future the distribution of confidential information via email will be legislated against. So in an endeavour to stay ahead of the game, we will soon be launching our Client Portal which will be available on our website at

So talk to your Proactive accountant today for more information.