Not enjoying your business? Here’s what to do about it

We recently came across this article on mybusiness.com.au and we wanted to share it because we often hear from business owners who go through the cycle described below. If you’re not enjoying your business, there are things you can do before deciding to pack up and sell it.

According to Jacob Ohlson of PowerNET IT Solutions and Cryo he believes happiness in your business involves shaking up your management and doing what you love.

“The key to success is doing what you love doing,” says Jacob on the My Business Podcast.

“You can’t work crazy hours a day and just do stuff all the time and love doing it if you don’t have a passion.

“I was just very lucky, in that perspective, to find something that I have a passion with and I stuck with it.”

Jacob says businesses have a happiness cycle, where you go back and forth between loving and not loving your job.

“I have a real true belief you’ve got to love what you do and you’ve got to go to work and enjoy it,” he says.

“I’ve done radical changes where I’ve got to a point where I come to work and I don’t like it any more. I’ve had to change management because I just haven’t been happy with who I’ve been with and working with.”

Do you need to run the business when you own the business?

Jacob says “I focus in the part of the business that I just love, and that’s building the business”.

Rather than running the show, Jacob works in a hands-on role he prefers, and holds a seat on the board to maintain a whole-of-company view.

Jacob believes that if a business owner can get to the point where they can just do what they love doing, everything falls into place.

“They’re … able to build relations and do the right thing, like grow it. That’s where I find my passion,” he says.

“You’ve got to put systems and processes in place. It’s really important to do that. Then it just gets stronger.”

So, if you’re asking yourself whether you could be happier in what you’re doing, consider changing your role or changing how you do business to free you up to do more of what you enjoy. At the end of the day, life’s too short to be unhappy!