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Signatures are critical for completing a wide range of documents. With paper-based signatures, however, a lot can go wrong, and often does. Faxes don’t go through. Not everyone may have a scanner, and if they do scanners can distort documents. Mail can take a long time or worse, it gets lost.

As the digital world takes shape around us, it is clear that the days of paper are numbered and the ear of digital documents is here to stay! Signing something with your computer is much more convenient than signing a hard copy. There are literally thousands companies offering great software for esigning. One of the leaders being Adobe EchoSign.

Reducing time it takes to sign a document from days or weeks to a matter of minutes significantly helps with conversion rates of clients. The longer a document sits on a desk, the less likely the client is going to sign it, which translates to lost sales.

Let us explain in detail how it works.

  1. Preparation of Documents
    You can easily and quickly prepare estimates, contracts, agreements and other documents in a web browser or business application
  2. Sending Document
    Once you have completed preparing your document, simply point and click to send the file to one or more signers
  3. Sign and Return from Anywhere
    An email is sent to the recipient of your choice, letting them know that a document is ready for them to review and sign. This can all be done from anywhere and on any device. So if your client is on the road, you won’t have to wait for them to get back into the office. The client can then simply review the document, add on their “electronic” signature and hit submit. No printing, no pens and no scanner needed! Simple!
  4. Completed
    Once the document has been signed and submitted it is stored in the cloud securely, which can be reviewed or printed at any point in time.

When it comes to choosing the esigning software that is perfect for you, you must ensure that the software provider offers you secure sign, store and manage of 100% legally binding documents. Reduce signing times, Improve User experience and Streamline your Business with Secure esigning software.

Proactive accounting and Financial Solutions can assist you with getting setup for esigning. Chat to a member of our team today to find out more about the power of Electronic Signatures and documents.

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