why did the previous accountant say that

When changing accountants it is possible that you receive conflicting information. Although we hope this is not the case, it is possible. We understand and sympathise that this can be frustrating and can cause confusion. At Proactive Accounting we pride ourselves on providing accurate and up-to-date information to our clients. While doing this we have been asked the question; ‘why did our previous accountant say that?’ this can be a difficult question to answer but there could be a number of possibilities.

One of the most common situations that occur is a miscommunication between the accountant and their client. Accounting can be a difficult topic to explain and can sometimes get lost in translation. This can occur for several different reasons. The first area of miscommunication can generate from the accountant. There is a chance that the topic in question was either shortly explained or not properly explained to the client. This can leave the client with incorrect interpretation or can result in the client feeling uninformed. At Proactive, our goal is to keep our clients informed and be able to welcome questions and answers. We believe that dialog between a client and their accountant is critical to a positive experience.

The second area that we believe disconnect can occur between a previous accountant and their client can occur is when information is unknown to one of the parties. There is potential that one accountant knows more about your circumstances than another which can consequently lead to a difference in information that is relayed to you as the client. It is important that any and all facts known to you regarding any topic that your accountant handles is given to them as it happens so they can better guide you. The more informed you keep your accountant and the more documentation you can offer them, the more effective their service will be to you.

While there are countless ways that this topic can arise, one of the unfortunate circumstances that can occur is that one of the accountants has relayed incorrect information. While we aim towards flawlessly correct information at Proactive, we do have to address the fact that any and all accountants are human and human error does occur. The only fix to this issue is to address the problems and incorrect information given and get it fixed accurately and as quickly as possible.

There is a critical importance to both parties, clients and accountants, to make sure that all information is delivered in an efficient and accurate manner. While mistakes can be made and at times topics are of difficult subject manner to explain and be understood, here at Proactive we aim to make these miscommunications and mistakes as few and far between as possible. We are geared toward making our clients informed and ourselves accountable for the work that we produce!