I Did Not Know There Was a Deadline.

As taxpayers, there are numerous dates that should be remembered and taken into consideration when completing tax documents. It is unfortunate however, that these dates sometimes are missed or unknown to the payer. In order to help with this, we have broken down the due dates for common tax documents that apply to most taxpayers. The dates represent the deadline for the ATO receiving the completed documents.

The first document that a number of our client’s must fill out and return is a quarterly Business Activity Statement, also known as BAS Statement. As mentioned, these documents are due quarterly. There are two paths the due dates can go down for this document.

If you are completing the document yourself, you have 28 days following the closing of the quarter to complete and return the document to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The only exception to the 28 day due date is the month of December. The ATO allows an extra month to complete the BAS statement during this time. The following are the closing dates and due dates for the quarters:


Closing Quarter Month Due Date
March April 28th
June July 28th
September October 28th
December February 28th


The second way you can complete this document is by having a tax agent complete this document for you. In this case, the due dates differ slightly:


Closing Quarter Month Due Date
March May 25th
June August 25th
September November 25th
December February 28th


Similar to the BAS Statement’s, income taxes have a due date as well. The due date for income statements differ depending on if you are lodging them yourself or if you are getting them completed by a tax agent.  You can register to have a tax agent complete your taxes up until the end of October.


Self-Lodging October 31st
Tax Agent Lodging May 15th-following year


All of the dates stated above are the dates that most people have as their due date. It is important to note that although for the majority these dates are correct, there are circumstances that may change these dates. It is important to verify your with your tax agent or the ATO!